Soil to Stars


In addition to Astrology, and facilitating ceremonies and labyrinth walks, I love to teach about the garden.

If you’d like to develop a dooryard, culinary, or historical plant garden in your home, hire me to help you design and flourish with plants that are right for your space.

Some of my earliest memories are of the garden, its airborne visitors, and terrestrial inhabitants.  My childhood home was not in the country, but in New York City.

The natural world increased in importance over my adult life.  Throughout decades of city living, including thirty years in Los Angeles, I made friends as much while hiking and spotting native plants as I had at school or work.  I planted gardens from seed.  I found enthusiastic students of all ages who desire connection to heaven and earth in a tangible, daily way.

The interdependence between us and the soil and stars is a very ancient part of the human experience. We have adapted to much modernity but the connection has been so long part of sentient life that we remain connected. Deep in the mind and in the body, is a calling to remember to come home for the good of your soul.

I am at home with the recondite, but I am also convinced that anyone with an open heart and inquisitive mind can benefit from the natural world in some way.   I was raised around traditional religion and have also learned much from other conscious spiritual practices along the way.   When I talk about my enthusiasms, I have yet to meet anyone, connected or not to a tradition, who has misunderstood when I reveal my deepest roots.  “I find the Divine in the out of doors.”

As people in the current world, we may think of this desire as a hobby that can be put off until later, or as something that requires too much of our time.   Once you find the connection that is right for you, it becomes part of your life in small ways with consistent benefits.   It is our right and our duty to restore that connection.

When we learn the language of the natural world, it responds. The benefits are commutual. What was mystery becomes consort.

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