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I am a gardener, astrologer, visual artist, and a traditional home herbalist.  Because I observe the seasons, the sky and earth are an ineluctable part of living.

The house and garden are my domains, as are the people and pets who live there.   I find the divine in the out of doors and in the details of daily life.

I teach ways to restore individual connection with the natural world, above, below and around us.  To accomplish that connection you need two things:  the idea that you are alive; a willingness to employ your senses and powers of observation to prove it.

In the garden, we ask if a dry plant is dead or dormant.  We don’t know until we see signs of green emerge from stems or roots.  As a human being living in interesting times, the natural world, from soil to stars, has been the most reliable way to tune in to life force.

Life takes shape where the mysteries dwell.
Nothing is ordinary once you know its story.

To consult with me about creating your own restorative connection, please see the Consults page.

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