New Sliver of a Moon and Friends

Venus and the new moon appear tonight in the gloaming dusk. Go outside and show this to someone who needs to be saved from adult-onset nature deficit disorder. This includes neighbors, squirrels and other wildlife. All content (c) Donna Ryall

Full Moon and Moonset Penumbral Lunar Eclipse – August 18

The full moon in August takes place on Thursday the 18th at 04:27 a.m. (US CDT).  At moonset, there will be a penumbral eclipse, visible in much of North America.  Although only a small amount of the lower right side of the moon will appear to be sliced away, it doesn’t restrict the effect that … More Full Moon and Moonset Penumbral Lunar Eclipse – August 18

August Wyrt Moon

The Wyrt (or Wort) moon in August is a focus on abundance of land, gratitude for the earth and life on it, and dedication to your own vitality.  Especially at this new moon (in Austin, August 2nd at 3:45pm CDT) it is a good time to dedicate to garden, harvest and health and set specific intentions … More August Wyrt Moon