(1) Send your birth data (date, time, city, state/country) via the form below. (2) Choose the best consult option to suit your needs from the selections list.  (3) Pay via PayPal.  I will contact you so that we may discuss a mutually agreeable time for the session.  Please know that I am generally booked three to four weeks out.  Use the contact page if you have questions about any aspect of this process, or if some part of the page is not working.  


Please note that I am booked about three to four weeks out on astrology sessions.  I’m happy to extend the $60-off one hour session for returning clients, through January 31, 2018.  Use the button for Sesonal Special, below.

Thank you for your interest.  I look forward to working with you.


If you are a returning client who needs to book, please go to the RETURNING CLIENTS selections below to choose the amount of time you wish.

Time goes quickly during an astrology session. For your first time with me, I suggest 90 minutes.  This allows us to go over your natal chart in detail and, possibly, allows some time to converse about a current issue or recurring theme. The natal chart gives me a foundation with which to discuss your assets and challenges. Once the foundation is set, we can move on to the influences that you may encounter in near future.

Please note that I do not read for people under age 18, or for third parties. Also, I cannot give you information about medical matters. Thank you for your consideration.



For new clients, I look first at your natal chart, which is a map of the sky at the moment you were born.  A person is not born with hard and fast instructions, but you did bring a few “notes to self.”  This is the first step to understanding how influences at hand today may reflect upon your individuality.  This is a 90 minute session, recorded for your future reference.  I work in person, by Facetime, or Skype.  Book your initial consultation and then email your exact birth information using the email form below.  Should you have questions, email me through the form.  We can then discuss a mutually agreable time to talk.

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Buy a 60 minute session as a returning client from December 1, 2017 – January 7, 2018, and receive $60 off.   Pay for the session now, and set up for any mutually agreeable and available session time from now until March 1, 2018.

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If we’ve already discussed your natal chart, you are a returning client.  For you I provide a 90 minute, 60 minute or 30 minute option.  Feel free to contact me or read the information to decide which returning client option is best for you.  Once you pay for the consultation, please email me so that we can discuss a mutually agreeable time.  If you name has changed, please remind me of your former sirname, so that I may find your chart.

Returning Client 90 minute consult:

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As an astrologer I provide consultations to adult individuals, and I do research on topics which interest me.

The first consultation with me is a natal chart reading. This takes 90 minutes.  It covers the influences in the sky at the moment of your birth.

Once I have seen your chart we can move on to take a look at the energetics available to you on your path now.

I am not a fortune teller and I do not identify things that fate has designed for you.  Here’s why.  I, myself, have had dozens of sessions with astrologers since 1973.  When I went to an astrologer, I needed someone to open a door so that I could see something that was obscured to me.  My experience has been that astrologers who pigeonhole a client’s character or attitudes, or who define hard and fast outcomes, have been wrong.  The ones who have been helpful are those who have identified the influences that would be present for me.  What I did with those influences was up to me.  I believe that is how it should be.

My position is that you have an ability to connect with the situations, people and choices that are unique to your life.  Sometimes we feel headed down a hallway filled with doors.  Behind each door is a possibility.  When we lose our innate compass, we look for help.

When someone wants to talk with an astrologer, myself included, it is because of “mission creep.”  There is a feeling that one needs to get out the map or stop to ask a local.  My mission in consulting with you is to uncover your natural fortification, so that you can reconnect and regain or build a sense of confidence.

It is my personal belief that we arrive in the world with intentions and inclinations that we may follow or ignore throughout life.  The results are the path we take, the experiences we invite, and the results we own.  Under the best circumstances, we learn to converse with our own compass, or “wise autonomy” (as phrased by Esther / Abraham Hicks).

There are times in life when a person feels profoundly and truly lost, emotionally or psychologically.   My belief about this is that when one needs medical help, it is time for a doctor.  Likewise, when one needs emotional help, it is time for a counselor or psychologist.  An astrologer is about the road and the map.  If your vehicle needs maintenance, that is a matter for a different kind of professional.

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